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Best VoIP Providers


VoIPo Residential VoIP


Key Features:

  • Unlimited Calls to US/Canada

  • Over 38 Calling Features

  • 2nd Line (Cloned)

  • Free Equipment

  • Free Priority Mail Shipping

  • Free Activation

  • No Computer Needed

  • No Software Download

  • 30 Day Guarantee

Annual Plan: $8.25/m    Monthly Plan: $15/m


As simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Order the service and select a new phone number from over 8,000 available areas or transfer your existing number.

  2. Receive the VOIPo Phone Adapter in mail, plug it into your broadband internet connection and plug your normal telephone into it.

  3. All done! Use your phone just like you normally would.

Add-On Service (starting from $3/m):

  • Toll-free number

  • Virtual number

Pros: Low price, good voice quality, good customer support



RingCentral Mobile - Best Virtual PBX System (30 day free trial!)

Affordable virtual phone system for small businesses and mobile professionals

Special Offer:

RingCentral Fax - 30% Off First 3 Months any plan

Key Features:

  • Get a local number or toll free number and answers calls and faxes 24/7

  • Make and receive calls anywhere internet access is available

  • Connect your entire team with a virtual PBX

  • Divert calls to office, home or cell phones, keep your personal numbers private

  • Include internet fax

  • Get notifications when you receive a fax or voice message

  • Answer and manage calls and faxes easily

  • Call from your cell phone but show your RingCentral business number as your caller ID

Price: starts at $9.99 / month




AT&T U-Verse Voice Service. (New!)


- the next generation digital voice service (available in limited areas and only with the purchase of U-Verse TV)


AT&T U-verse Voice Unlimited

 AT&T U-verse Voice 250

starting at $35/month

starting at $25/month

Unlimited minutes

250 minutes each month (5 per minute after)

Local and Long Distance calling within the US and US territories

Calls to Canada


Low cost for international calls

AT&T U-verse MessagingSM with the ability to integrate your AT&T U-verse Voice and Wireless from AT&T into a single mailbox

Standard features: Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Exclusive Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling

Advanced features: Anonymous Call Forwarding, Busy Call Forwarding, Call History, Call Screening, Call Transfer, Caller ID Blocking, Click to Call, Directory Assistance Blocking, Do Not Disturb, International Call Blocking, Locate Me, Make a Call, No Answer Call Forwarding, Safe Call Forwarding, Sub Accounts, AT&T U-verseSM Messaging


Pros:  Stable, reliable, excellent voice quality

Cons: High initial investment, expensive, available in limited areas




Nextiva InTalk - Best VoIP solution for SOHO

  • Unlimited Business Phone Calling at Residential Prices

  • New or keep Your Number

  • No Activation Fee

  • 25 Free Advanced Features

  • Clear Digital Call Quality

  • Award-Winning Customer Service

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Nextiva inTALK is perfect for small or home offices or residential users who want low cost unlimited local & long distance calls to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico with business class VoIP digital voice quality.  InTalk works with your regular phone, there is no software to download and you don't use your computer. 


Key Features:

  • Toll or Local Number

  • Unlimited Calling

  • Digital Quality

  • Business Voicemail

  • Find Me Follow Me

  • Visual Voicemail

  • 3-Way Conference

  • Administrative Control

Unlimited annual plan: $16.25/m ($195/yr),  Unlimited monthly plan: $19.95/m


Pros: Excellent voice quality, good customer support, award-winning VoIP service - Best Virtual Office Offer 

Special Offer:

Save an Extra 10% discount for 6 months on basic monthly plan - Code: Tenoff

Slash Your Phone Bill! Get 10% Off Home / Residential Phone Service Plus for 6 months with - Coupon Code: HPP10

Activation Fee Waived in value of $29.95 any phone adapter or IP Phone! Use Coupon Code: Freeactv


Award-winning Virtual Office phone system:

  • Makes your business look bigger and more professional

  • Allows you to connect multiple locations, phones and staff under one main office phone number

  • Customize the call routing options to meet your needs and choose from a variety of convenient call handling options

  • Get a toll free 1 800 number or vanity number or any local area code number or even transfer your existing number

  • Reliable phone services and low monthly bill

  • No need to purchase any equipment or download any software

  • No risk Money Back Guarantee, no annual contract needed.

Advanced features:

  • Advanced Phone Call Scheduling

  • Follow Me Phone Calling

  • Caller Menus

  • Custom Recordings

  • Automated and Flexible Call Handling and Routing Options

Starting at $9.88 (annual plan) or $14.88 per month + first month free!  (use "15OFF" - 15% off Basic Plan for 6 months)



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