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Advantages & Disadvantages of VoIP


Advantages of VoIP

1. The main advantage of VoIP broadband phone service is the cost.  VoIP broadband phone providers charge you a much lower monthly fee for local, long distance and international calls than traditional phone service.  

2.  Some VoIP providers (e.g. Skype) provide free PC-to-PC calls using their software. However, there will be a service fee if you want to make PC-to-Phone calls.

3.  VoIP broadband phone service provides features that are usually not available with traditional phone service, such as virtual phone number, you can choose a phone number with area code different from where you reside.  Friends, families or customers living in that area will only be charged for local calls when they call your virtual number.

4.  VoIP service is usually bundled with free features (such as caller ID with name, call waiting, conference calls, call forwarding) which are charged for additional cost by traditional phone companies. 

5.  Even if you already have a regular phone line, VoIP is a good low cost alternative to add an additional phone line with extra features and low long distance and international rates.

6.  Mobility and portability. You can use the VoIP service anywhere with broadband connection. All you need are a laptop and a headset or just a VoIP phone adaptor.  Even if you are traveling, you can still enjoy the cheap calling rates of VoIP service.


Disadvantages of VoIP

1. Some VoIP services do not work during power outages or when the internet connection is down.  It is a good idea to install a backup power supply or have a mobile phone as a backup.

2. The 9-1-1 service provided by VoIP service is also different from traditional phone line.  Traditional phone service generally associates a particular phone number with a fixed address but VoIP services can be used from any internet connection so the location of the caller cannot be determined automatically. Therefore, it is important to provide an accurate address to the VoIP provider and update this information immediately if this information is changed.

3.  Call quality is affected by the quality of broadband connection and the performance of your PC.  So make sure you have good internet connection and both your computer hardware and software are running properly.


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