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Top VoIP Providers of 2010

VoIP services have revolutionized the way in which businesses and individuals communicate, allowing for fast, high quality voice and video conversations to take place via a broadband connection, usually with the ability to make calls to traditional landline numbers and keep the cost of calls much lower than in the past. Even landline callers may be using VoIP services, particularly when calling long distance, as many telecoms firms employ VoIP to bridge the gap between traditional telephone networks. The industry is growing at about 20 per cent year on year, despite the recent global recession slowing things down and millions of customers around the world are benefiting from VoIP on a daily basis. Because of this growth there are many VoIP providers available and choosing from the crowd can be hard, so let us take a quick look at who is winning praise in the 2010 VoIP market.

Nextivia supplies VoIP services to small and medium sized business and it operates around the world with a choice of plans to suit all budgets with minimum monthly costs. By vitalizing internal exchanges the burden of line management is shifted to the scalable, capable hands of Nextivia and as a result you can access many advanced call management functions using its VoIP service that would have required complex, expensive in-house equipment in the past.
The business model is an intriguing one, as it combines long distance calling with VoIP technology in order to make overseas calls cheap and simple to perform. You do not need to download software to your PC if you do not want to, as the service works from your web browser, although there is dedicated software available. Once you have an account you can call from your PC to any landline number in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia without being hit with expensive phone bills.

PennyTel offers landline, PC-based softphone and dedicated VoIP mobile phone services. It even has an iPhone app that lets you make free calls as often as you like to other PennyTel phone lines and accounts. Mobile VoIP is one of its more interesting offerings, as it also supports handsets which have the Symbian S60 operating system, which includes most of Nokia`s line up and so you can make calls to PennyTel customers without eating into your monthly inclusive minutes provided you have a decent 3G connection.

SpeedFlow Communications
The SpeedFlow VoIP services extend across a range of specialties, including basic VoIP for business telecoms, personalized VoIP software and even customized mobile phone SIM cards that enable VoIP calling without requiring a 3G connection. The latter technology could be very convenient for people who travel regularly and may not be assured of mobile broadband coverage in their destination. When looking at SpeedFlow or any of its competitors, it is important to remember that the only way to get the best deal is to compare prices online and keep your options open until you are sure that you have found a firm that can meet your needs and your budget.



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