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DSL vs Cable Internet

Differences between DSL and Cable Internet

DSL internet

Cable internet

Data transmission via phone line Data transmission via coaxial cable line
Connected through DSL modem Connected through cable modem
Dedicated phone line Shared cable television line
Connection speed not affected by number of users in the neighborhood Connection speed affected by number of users in your neighborhood
Not all phone lines are equipped for DSL service Not all cable networks are capable of cable internet service
Available to more homes than cable Availability is limited to certain areas where two-way cable modem transmission is supported
Connection speed is affected by distance from ISP operation center Connection speed is not affected by the distance
Maximum connection speed: up to 10 Mbps* Maximum connection speed up to 30 Mbps*
Bundled with local phone service Bundled with cable television service

*Although cable internet is capable of a higher connection speed, the actual speed difference between DSL and cable may be small.  Most ISPs have imposed bandwidth / speed caps for residential users, which limit the maximum connection speed depending on service plans.  For cable internet users, the number of people sharing the same cable line at the same time also affects the connection speed. 


Advantages and disadvantages of DSL

Advantages and disadvantages of Cable Internet





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