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What does ISP mean?

ISP stands for internet service provider, a business that offers users access to the internet and related services such as email accounts, domain name registration, web hosting, etc. The majority of internet service providers are telephone companies; some are cable or satellite companies.
ISP provides internet connection to the customers via two methods: dialup and broadband. Broadband internet connection can be further divided into these categories: DSL, cable, satellite and wireless. Many internet service providers also offer broadband phone services.



Types of Internet Connection:

Dialup / Dial up Internet

Dialup internet connection requires the use of a modem and a phone line to dial into an internet service providerís (ISP) node, in order to get access to the internet. The data transmission rate is usually 56 Kbps or less (read more .....).

High speed 56K dialup


Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet, also called High Speed Internet, is an internet connection offering high data transmission rate of 256 Kbps or more. The most popular broadband technologies for home users are DSL and cable internet. Satellite internet provides broadband internet access to people in rural / remote areas whereas wireless internet is a great tool for travelers (read more.......)

Broadband DSL

Cable Internet

Satellite Internet

Wireless Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Broadband



Best ISP List

Check out the list of ISP providing dialup, DSL, cable, satellite and wireless internet access. These ISPs are listed because they provide high quality services at affordable price. You can get budget broadband internet access for under $20 per month. The improved browsing experience is well worth the small extra cost. However, if DSL and cable internet are not available in your area, you can subscribe to "high speed" 56K dialup for less than $10/m or choose the high speed satellite internet service.

High speed 56K dialup ISP

DSL service providers

Cable internet service providers

Satellite service providers

Wireless service providers



VoIP Broadband Phone Service

Broadband internet connection has opened up opportunities for a new generation of phone services using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. VoIP converts voice signal from your telephone to digital signal and send it over the internet. (read more about broadband phone service ....).

VoIP broadband phone service has both advantages and disadvantages. If you already have broadband / high speed internet access (DSL / Cable), you can get VoIP broadband phone service from your internet service providers or other VoIP broadband phone providers.



Compare Plans and Locate an ISP

Compare the features of different types of internet connection, such as dialup vs DSL, cable internet vs DSL. You can also compare dialup service providers or compare DSL service providers.

To find out whether high speed dialup, DSL or cable internet is available in your area, please visit the ISP sites to check for service availability.



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